22 Giu

Non scrivo un post da un bel po’.

Non vedo perché dovrei ricominciare proprio adesso…


Una Risposta to “Milk!”

  1. Hana 01/12/2012 a 23:45 #

    First off, welcome. I enjoy dtaebe and I hope you do to, because here is goes. Well, then the claim has changed and/or not everybody has the same views about why homosexuality is bad. Curious though: on what do you base the assumption that it is a disorder? How are you defining disorder? What harm does the person suffer that would classify it as anything other than just different from you ?There were so many things that were just blatant propaganda in that FRC article that it was difficult to choke the whole thing down. Let’s discuss a few of them Denying marriage to gay people is the same thing as denying it to interracial couples or any other couple.Stating that marriage is a union between a man and a woman is a semantic fallacy. It ignores the fact that the word, like most, has more than one definition and, overall, a broader definition.Putting propagation of the species as the chief reason for marriage is just plain ridiculous.Just on a personal note: I believe the true origin of the propagation claim to be one xenophobia, as in, if we don’t reproduce in significant numbers, our race will be comingled out of existance by stronger numbers of other races. I’m not putting that one on you, I believe that to be a general thing. I also believe it to be something on a more subconscious level. The population of the planet has doubled every 50-100 years for all of recorded history. Maybe enough is enough. I bet you’ve never considered that God created homosexuals to curb population? He is all-knowing.You know, every religion is, by definition, a false idol. You, Tony Perkins, and all these other people put your personal feelings, beliefs, insecurities, whatever they are, out there as the Word of God are yourselves being false prophets. About the only thing I think is fair to say is that God is Good and therefore would endorse peace and love. Not hatred. Not intolerance. Not even a denial of reality. Have you ever met God? What do you know? Stop being so presumptuous and stop putting your personal beliefs into His mouth.Funny that Tony Perkins continually ties it to the ability to propagate and states that gay people are incapable of that. That’s changing you know? Scientists are working that one out. It’ll happen in Tony’s lifetime. I guarantee you that it won’t sway him in any way. He’ll just change his logic on why gay people are bad. Do you know why? Because it’s prejudice. It’s not a reasoned opinion or one found based on a belief in the word of God or anything else. He goes a long way towards making that overtly obvious towards the end when he states that it’s ok to deny gay people benefits (civil union and/or domestic partnership) altogether. Guess it’s not just about marriage.Sorry, I’m sure it sounds a bit like I’m ranting. I wouldn’t discuss this issue if it wasn’t important to me. It gets my blood boiling. Take it all with a grain of response and feel free to reply. (I only require moderation on the first post, so there won’t be a time delay on your response.)


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